The rich biodiversity of Camiguin forms a significant natural resource base that provides valuable contribution for tourism and a subject for environmental protection and preservation.  The flora and fauna, the lush rainforests and off its coast are a marine reserve and a beautiful island with stunning biodiversity.

Plants and Flowers



With a pristine environment,  colors of the landscape are basically green surrounded with trees and tropical plants. There are native and plenty of popularly grown flowers in Camiguin from mountains to jungles to the backyards to along the roads to coast adding to the beauty of the surroundings.

Unique Fauna

The Camiguin Hanging Parrots (Loriculus camiguinensis) - also known as Colasisis - are recently discovered hanging parrots that are endemic to the small island of Camiguin.

An international group of bird scientists have recently declared Camiguin Hawk Owls a new species, birds found only on Mt. Timpoong in Camiguin. They have a unique growling song, and pairs face each other and sing in duet.

Also at least four vertebrate species are believed to be endemic to Camiguin, these are the Bullimus gamay, or the Camiguin Forest Rat, Apomys camiguinensis, the Camiguin Forest Mouse, Loriculus camiguinensis, the Camiguin Hanging Parrot, Oreophryne nana, or the Camiguin Narrow-mouthed Frog.