Twelve towering volcanoes to conquer. 

Hibok-Hibok from Itum.


A volcano one thousand two hundred fifty meters above sea level.  Its slope is challenging for professional climbers as they trek skillfully and maneuver on loose rocks and boulders towards the peak.  At the summit, there is a crater-like lake and steam outlets where one can have a clear panoramic view of the island and Bohol Province during sunny clear days.

Mount Timpoong

 Timpoong from Benhaan

Timpoong from Benhaan

Mount Timpoong is the largest mountain in Camiguin. It is composed of several domes the tallest of which is the Timpoong Peak also the highest in Camiguin at 5,294 ft (1,614 m). The peak of Mambajao is the second tallest at 5,143 ft (1,568 m). A lower central peak of 5,015 ft (1,529 m) is located between the two peaks. Some of the flank vents on Mt. Timpoong are Campana Hill and Minokol Hill.

Hibok - Hibok and Mount Timpoong from Catarman.

Old Vulcan

The Old Vulcan drops into the sea and makes a nature road high above the ocean.  The place has a sheer drop-off of 80 meters; a ledge of shallow water and rocks to sit on and sunbath. Mt. Vulcan, ironically known as the Old Volcano, is actually the youngest volcano in the island, born in 1871 starting as a fissure vent on the northwestern flank of Mount Hibok-Hibok. As a parasitic cone of Hibok-Hibok, it is still considered part of volcano

Mount Old Vulcan.

and there are nine more... 

Mount Uhay and Mount Ilihan in Guinsiliban.

Mount Mambajao