How to get Camiguin



Arrive by Plane

The island of your imagination is now accessible by air. From Cebu, Cebu Pacific Air flies to Camiguin daily. It leaves Mactan-Cebu International Airport at 6:10AM and arrives Camiguin at 7:00AM while it hedas back to Cebu at 7:20AM and arrives at 8:10AM. For more information you may visit their website.

Visit Cebu Pacific website 

getting around

The island´s 64km circumferential road is accesible by public transportation: jeepneys, multicabs and van. You can hire one of there for the island tour a fixed rate.

Transportation rentas in Camiguin

Van = 2,500 php good for 10-12 pax

Multicab= 1,700php good for 8 pax and 2,000 for 10-12 pax

Jeppney= 2,000 php good for 16 - 18 pax.

Rates will cover an island your or maximum of 8hrs. 

Arrive by Boat

Through Balingoan - Cagayan de Oro - Mindanao

From Cagayan de Oro City, passengers may take a bus or van from Agora Market to Balingoan Port. Ferries from Balingoan bound for Camiguin makes the one-hour crossing. It docks at Benoni Wharf in Mahinog, Camiguin. From there you can take a van, multicab or jeepney going to your destination.

Through Jagna - Bohol

Asian Marine Trasnportation Corp also caters Bohol-Camiguin-Bohol route daily specifically at 3:00AM from Camiguin and 1:00Am from Bohol. The route docks at Balbagon Wharf and Jagna, Bohol respectively. 

Through Cebu City

Super Shuttle Ferry is serving Cebu-Camiguin and vice-versa. It leaves Cebu every Friday at 8:00PM and pier 8. It will also leave Camiguin back to Cebu City every Sunday at 8:00PM. 

Visit Ocean Jet website 

Accommodation & Restaurants