Farming and fishing are the main occupations of the people. Agricultural resources abound include coconut, cassava, banana, camote, palay, corn, vegetables, and fruits especially its well-known sweet lanzones.  The province claims to have the sweetest lanzones today.


No trip would be complete without a taste of the island’s delicacies. Besides the sweet lanzones, Camiguin also offers appetizing cuisine and food products that reflect its culture and history.  Beyond the compelling views of the beautiful island paradise are food and handcrafted treasures that add sweetness to the beautiful place of Camiguin.


One of the popular local treats is the pastel/pastil, a Spanish dessert which is basically a custard-filled bun. The oozing caramel flavor evolved into other exciting fillings such as pineapple, strawberry, cheese and ube (purple yam), among others.


Something chocolate lovers will surely enjoy is Camiguin’s signature tablea, a ground roasted chocolate made from native cacao beans, hardened on banana barks for a distinct Filipino flavor. Usually enjoyed as a hot beverage, tablea can also be used to add flavor to a variety of dishes.The chocolate beans  were washed, sun dried, roasted and gorund to achieve its chocolate perfection.

Coconut Sugar

A pioneering product in Camiguin,  there’s this trendy, highly nutritious and a high value organic product which is the coconut sugar  naturally processed and very ideal for health conscious customers.

Turrones de Mani

Try this delicious peanut/honey Turrones de Mani. Try to explore the history of this very authentic and original delicacy of Camiguin, which has been handed down from generations starting from the 1920's till now!

Lanzones Vinegar

Lanzones was then transformed into a naturally spicy and appetizing condiments which are the Camiguin lanzones vinegar and a classy treat of the Camiguin lanzones wine.

Nito Works

Another industry Camiguin takes pride in is local handicrafts. Most notably and reiging most. supreme, are  baskets and jars made of local materials like nito vines. Each piece is intricately hand woven as strong as they are beautiful and an elegant addition to home decors and as collector’s items. The craftsmanship and skill of Camiguinons are exemplified in these export-quality products. 


For more sweet treats, peanuts roasted in syrup and honey called the piniato (peanut brittle)  is perfect as a tasty dessert after a hearty meal. A nbar of this luscious peanut brittle made more exciting by its succulent glaze of honey.