Camiguin is blessed with lush vegetation, rich marine life, and captivating scenery, scenic mountain views that are just contained in just one small island.  


White Island

Head out to the sea and enjoy the sun at the White Island sand bar. Not too far from the coastline, White Island is around five to 10 minutes away from most resorts.

Mantigue Island

Is a four-hectare land declared as a marine sanctuary. This small space is home to a verdant forest and a picturesque white sand beach. It also offers a great view of Mt. Timpoong, Camiguin’s highest peak..

The most awe-inspiring part of the trip, however, lies underwater. A group of diving hobbyists have set up shop in Mantigue Island to help visitors discover the abundant marine life around the island

Black Beaches

Agoho / Mambajao

The shores in Camiguin are covered in black sand, yet another result of the volcanic activity on the island. While different from most postcard-perfect beaches in the country, the resorts here still offer an equally scenic setting for a day of frolicking under the sun.

Rocky Beaches

SeaDive Resort / Catarman